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Is Social Media Today Replacing Traditional Advertising?

With Social Media today, promoting your business is more convenient. Before, everyone’s relying on traditional mediums to promote their brand. Companies will spend millions just to get their product in the newspaper or TV. But as the internet flourished, marketing has established new techniques.

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Should Teens Go Social? Top 7 Benefits of Social Media for Students

In regards to the benefits of social media, people say that students don’t get any benefits. Everyone perceives that the relationship between students and social media is negative.

“Social media is a distraction.”

“It’s making kids meet strangers instead of reading in their homes. Memes aren’t helping anyone.”

“Students are no longer interested in studying and would rather be a social media model.”

Those are a few statements above that show the perception of older people when it comes to social media.

While the older crowd have strong negative views on social media, teens have mixed views on the benefits of social media.


Doodles on the Walls

We break the rules, we get some fun
You and me against everyone
Delighted mess, that’s why they say
If only we could just stay

Forever–on the four plain walls of school
The only place that we’re both cool
But students graduate– we left the building
What’s left are memories, and such longing

Where are you, partner in crime?
Let’s meet, it has been a long time
I can’t take you out of my head
Can’t I just visit you instead?

I miss our doodles on the bathroom walls
I miss the secret writings on the halls
But it’s you whom I miss the most
Please come back, even as a ghost.

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9 Tips to Increase Productivity Using Social Networking Apps

Social networking platforms are usually tagged as a distraction to most people. Diverse and entertaining content can delay someone’s tasks and with this, people always advise to steer away from social media when doing activities related to school or work.

Whilst it’s pretty normal for people to get submerged in funny videos, social media can still be used for efficiency.

As long as you’re aware of the healthy ways to use social networking apps, as well as with the productivity tips below, you will definitely get so much more from your social network app.

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16 Tips to Effectively Boost your Career Using Social Media Apps

Social media apps have become an essential tool to connect with others, share memories, and even make online purchases.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, social media apps are also starting to be an important component of building our careers.

For example: During job hunting, clients and employers are not just checking out their resume and transcripts. They’re also checking out social media profiles of their applicants to ensure that they’re picking the right person for the job.

With this, we should leverage our social networking profiles to become more professional and more attractive to potential employers and clients.

That’s why we have here the 16 tips you can follow to boost your career using social media apps.

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12 Emerging Trends on Social Media Platforms for 2020

Social media platforms are evolving. Apps are publishing new features. Existing trends are getting more traction.

Social media is changing for the better, and we’re all ready for it.

Now, to give you a glimpse of what’s about to come, we’ve compiled 12 trends on social media platforms that are going to emerge in this new decade.


Be kind to Bus Drivers

Everyday, I have to endure a 2-hour bus ride to get home.

Bus rides are monotonous at best. Everyday, there’s TV playing in the background, usually it’s the News or a Teleserye (Soap Operas). Bus is pretty hot because the bus’ crowded. Bus conductor busy handing out tickets. Some toddler crying in the front. Everyone’s tired.

But one night, something unusual happened.


What I learned about Confidence after Having Braces

Back when we were kids, we always have that one trait that we’re bullied for. For some of you, it could be your skin color, weight, freckles. For me, it’s my teeth.


What to do during an MRT Breakdown

In the Philippines, specifically in Metro Manila, MRT is everything. Since EDSA is always on heavy-traffic mode, we resort on riding an MRT. It’s “faster” and “cooler” compared to buses, and more affordable than FXs and taxis.

But along with the “advantages” of being an MRT rider, you’ll have to be prepared when sht happens. These trains were operating since 1999 and no major revamps were made. At this point, MRT is like a lolo (grandpa) that’s already having illnesses here and there, but still keeps working because of his grandchildren (aka us).

With that, it’s obvious that breakdowns and delays are going to happen. But during rush hour? That’s just full nightmare realness.